Nuclear News

  1. The UK is to invest GBP679 million (USD815 million) and become a 50% partner with EDF in the Sizewell C nuclear project. The money "allows for China General Nuclear's exit from the project, including buy-out costs, any tax due and commercial arrangements".
  2. The Belledune Port Authority (BPA) wants to use advanced small modular reactor (SMR) technology as part of a future expansion at the port in northern New Brunswick, and says an ARC-100 providing energy for hydrogen production and other industries could be in operation by 2030-2035.
  3. Existing boreholes at the Rosemanowes quarry in Cornwall, southwest England, have been successfully sealed by Nuclear Waste Services in a demonstration of the technology it plans to use to seal boreholes drilled during the search to find a suitable location for a Geological Disposal Facility in the UK.
  4. The second new power reactor under construction at the Kursk II site has received its polar crane. Engineers said optimisation of the process had cut six days from the procedure, compared with when it was carried out at unit 1 last year.
  5. A large tunnelling machine has begun drilling the sloped spiral ramp of the Beishan Underground Research Laboratory near Jiuquan City in China's Gansu province. The laboratory - in the Gobi Desert - will comprise the spiral ramp, three vertical shafts and horizontal disposal galleries.